Devolutions' Support Fair Usage Policy

Support plays an essential role in ensuring our customers are able to fully realise the benefits of Devolutions’ software products. A support agreement entitles the customer to various benefits depending on the plan being subscribed to. The plans are as following:


  • Normal priority support
  • Initial response time 2 business days
  • Forum support


  • High priority support
  • Initial response time next business days
  • Forum support
  • Email support


  • High priority support
  • Initial response time 4 hours
  • Forum support
  • Email support
  • Phone support (during business hours)
  • Emergency Fix
  • Data migration support

Extended and Premium support plans are available to customers with 10 licenses and more.

Support does not include:

Devolutions’ goal is to ensure our customers maximise their use of our products and receive the business benefits they can offer. To that end we will typically assist customer beyond these guidelines, at our own discretion whenever, and to an extent, we feel is fair and reasonable.

Support for all Devolutions’ products is available from 8:00am to 4:00pm (Eastern Standard Time) Monday to Friday, excluding statutory holidays for the province of Quebec, Canada.

Additional assistance can be offered but may be invoiced on an hourly basis; this assistance would be provided by the Professional Services team of Devolutions, when available.

Should an issue be investigated under normal support terms and later be found to be caused by factors in the "does not include" list, then the customer will be advised that the case is not supported and Professional Services should be purchased, when available and relevant to the issue.

Customers who make excessive use of support and show a poor understanding of an application’s use may get responses after the delays indicated for each support plan category described previously. They may also be required to undergo training before normal support will be provided. These guidelines have been established to ensure that Devolutions can provide a high level of support to all its customers at a fair price. Without these controls, excessive use of support by a small number of customers could lead to increases in fees to all.

For additional terms and conditions please refer the software license agreement provided to you at the time of purchase, or in the online help. If you cannot find, or have misplaced, the license agreement please contact Devolutions for a copy.

Devolutions reserve the right to modify this policy at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on the applicable website(s).