PVM_Tray Password Vault

Thank you for you interest in
Password Vault Manager (PVM)

Please note that this product is now fully integrated into Remote Desktop Manager (RDM)
and will no longer be supported with ongoing unpdates or new versions

Information for Current PVM Users

If you current use PVM in your organization, we recomment that you switch to any of the beside products based on your needs (click to learn more).

After the switch, your organization will continue to enjoy powerful password management tools and an intuitive user experience, along with a wide range of new features, functions, integrations, and add-ons

If you currently have a valid license, please download the latest version.

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Special RDM License Offer

We are inviting PVM license holders to switch to RDM Enterprise at no cost. Please note that our licenses are perpetual, and do not need to be renewed on an annual basis. To optain your complimentary license, please contact us at sales@devolutions.net.

Support Notice

If you wish, you may continue using PVM in your organization, and you won't encouter any degraded user experience or functionality whatsoever. However you should be aware that PVM will no longer be supported with ongoing updates or new versions.

Information for Prospective PVM Users

If you came to our website to learn more about PVM, then we invite you to explore the three superior solutions noted above that feature powerful, easy-to-use, built-in password management capabilities: Remote Desktop Manager, Devolutions Password Server and Devolutions Password Hub. Please click on any of the links to learn more, and to request your free trial.