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Password Management

Password manager Free Enterprise
Centralize your passwords
Advanced Encryption Standard (AES, Rijndael)
Local decryption only
Password management tools Free Enterprise
Strong password generator
Password analyser with weak password notification
Password history
Self signed certificate generator
Web browser integration Free Enterprise
Automatically fill web forms
Internet Explorer browser extension
Firefox browser extension
Google Chrome browser extension
Import passwords from other applications Free Enterprise
Aurora Password Manager / AES Password Manager
Password Agent
Password Depot
Password Safe

Documents & Information

Organize sensitive information (data entries) Free Enterprise
Account and credentials (username / domain / password)
Alarm codes
Bank information
Credit card information
Custom fields
Email accounts
Notes (secure)
Safety deposit
Software license keys or serial numbers
Web form login
Document manager Free Enterprise
Native support for PDF, Word, Excel, Visio and image documents
Link local or network files
Store file into the database
Join attachments to existing entries
Built-in image viewer
Built-in pdf viewer
Cloud file browser Free Enterprise
Supports Amazon S3, DropBox, Microsoft Azure Storage and Microsoft OneDrive
Browse and edit the content without installing any client
Upload and download documents
Contact management Free Enterprise
Organize your personal or corporate contacts
Link contacts to your existing entries
Import Vcf or Outlook contacts
Todo management Free Enterprise
Manage your task list
Assign tasks to users
Set statuses on tasks
Filter and search the task list
Data report viewer Free Enterprise
Custom database query (SQL)
Ad hoc reports in grid format
Connection string repository
Supports ODBC / SQL Server / Oracle and many more database connections
Export results to Xml / Csv / Html

Team Solution

Centralize all your connections Free Enterprise
Share your connection information between multiple users
Override with user specific settings like credentials or the display mode
Assign different access levels
Multiuser data sources Free Enterprise
Microsoft SQL Server 2005 / 2008 / 2012
Devolutions Online Database (subscription required)
Devolutions Password Server (subscription required)
Database logs Free Enterprise
Usage and edition audit trace
Password access audit trace
Insert custom log with ad hoc comment
Simplified deployment and configuration Free Enterprise
Custom installer service (with subscription)
Apply common application policies using the data source settings
Centralized client license deployment and version update
Offline mode Free Enterprise
Read-only mode
Writable mode with smart synchronization feature
Encrypted local data with limited life time
Status management Free Enterprise
Set entry expiration and be notified
Lock sessions for exclusive usage
Disable sessions to block access
Add special instructions or warnings on sessions
Reports Free Enterprise
Security report
Credential repository usage report
Status report
Many more connection related reports


Protect your sensitive credentials Free Enterprise
Hide the password from users
Backup your data with the optional Devolutions Online Backup Service
Automatically clear the sensitive content from the clipboard
Encrypt the database content Free Enterprise
All passwords are encrypted by default
US federal government-approved encryption (AES)
Database double encryption with personalized passphrase
Database double encryption with personalized certificate
Security management Free Enterprise
Supported by SQL Server / mySQL / Devolutions Cloud / Devolutions Password Server
Security group
Per entry user permissions (view / add / edit / delete)
User management Free Enterprise
Built-in database user support
Active Directory integration Free Enterprise
Devolutions Password Server only
Active Directory authentication
Integrated role management mapped to the Active Directory groups
Version tracking Free Enterprise
Keep track of all modifications
View the change history
Rollback any unwanted change even deletion
Protect the application access Free Enterprise
Restrict access to the data source configuration with a password
Use a 2-factor authentication (Yubikey / Google Authenticator) to launch the application
Automatic lock on minimize or when idle for a period

User Interface & Organization

Powerful and flexible user interface Free Enterprise
Modern ribbon interface
Customizable layout with docking and floating panel support
Tabbed environment for a centralized view
Customizable quick access toolbar
Simplified access with the tray icon menu
Multi-monitor support
Navigate your content with multiple views Free Enterprise
Browse your entries with the flexible tree list view
Use one of the multiple modes of the list view (tile / details)
Find the most recently used items
Flag your favourite entries for quick access
Take advantage of the advanced dashboard
Group and organize your entry list Free Enterprise
Create folder, company, site or domain tree nodes
Use sub-connections to link related entries
Multilingual user interface Free Enterprise
Description and general information Free Enterprise
Use a plain text description or a RTF note
Apply keywords or tags on your search/filter
Add any personalized value in the custom fields
Filter the entry list by name, description, host and much more
Copy to clipboard functionality Free Enterprise
Allow copy credentials based on security rights
Copy various fields like url / domain / username / connection string
Copy the selected host or host list
Migrate data from one data source to another using the clipboard
Reorganize your database with ease Free Enterprise
Edit multiple entries with a batch edit mode
Apply custom templates to transform any entry
Default settings Free Enterprise
Configure your default settings for each entry type
Use the template manager to standardize your entries
Share your templates across your organization
Save your data in one of the file based data sources Free Enterprise
Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Service)
Web (read only)
Xml (encrypted)

Other Features

Extend the application with the SDK Free Enterprise
Easy add-on installation and updates with the add-on manager
Develop or customize your own extension
Translate the application with the localization manager
Installation and parameterized execution Free Enterprise
Deploy from an installer, msi or zip file
Portable operation mode (USB)
Command line parameters for custom execution
Session specific desktop shortcuts for quick access
Protocol handler support for custom execution
Operating system compatibility Free Enterprise
Windows Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10
Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, 2012, 2012R2
Available on both platform (32 bit / 64 bit)
Support Free Enterprise
Forum support
Online help with knowledge base and FAQ
Email support
Phone support with premium subscription plan only