What's New in Devolutions Hub Business 2024.1.100

May 2024


In preparation for our upcoming 2024.2 release, this update introduces a collection of enhancements to Devolutions Hub Business, making it our most efficient and secure version yet.

Multi-selection toggle to delete entries

You can now delete multiple entries simultaneously by simply holding down the Ctrl key on your keyboard while clicking on each entry you wish to remove. Once you’ve selected your entries, the Delete action will be readily available for you to execute.

PAM: New checkout policy and password rotation policy

We’ve enhanced the privileged access management (PAM) module in Hub Business by adding two new policies: a checkout policy and a password rotation policy. These can be managed in System settings > Advanced, or specified directly in the PAM vault management.

PAM checkout policy settings allow different approval process.


PAM password rotation policy settings determine different password rotation modes.


Manual reset password

Manual reset password



Enforce the use of biometric locking when using the Workspace mobile app

For those using the Devolutions Workspace mobile app who want to enhance their security, there is now an option that forces users to use biometric locking on their mobile devices. When accessing Hub Business in the mobile app, Workspace will require biometric authentication to unlock. To activate this feature, navigate to System settings in Hub, select RDM and Companion Tools, and enable the biometric locking option for Workspace.

*This feature will be reflected in the next version (v.2024.1.7.0) of the Workspace mobile app.