What's New Hub Business

June 2024


Welcome to Devolutions Hub Business 2024.2! Scroll to see in details what’s new.

  • Define vault content types
  • Link two users to one license
  • Simplify navigation between open web-based sessions
  • Assign Gateway and PAM license per user
  • Coming Soon - Improved SSH key
  • Previously released


Define vault content types

Managing secrets and various entries in the default shared vault can be overwhelming due to the wide array of possible entries and sub-entries.

To simplify management, it’s now possible to define vaults by content type, restricting entries to specific types such as secrets or credentials, and also have a business vault that limits the possible types of entries to those that are most useful for business users.

Here are the available vault content types:

You can define a vault’s content type when adding a new vault, or change an existing vault’s content type from the vault management edit screen.


Link two users to one license

We’ve resolved a common situation in which users need to operate with two different accounts within their vaults. For instance, a user might have a standard account, bob@windjammer.co*,* for daily tasks, and a second account with elevated permissions, bobadministrator@windjammer.co, for administrative tasks. Previously, this setup would have required two separate licenses. Now, these accounts can be linked to use the same license.

To link your accounts, simply go to the user management window, provided you have the necessary permissions.

Simplify navigation between open web-based sessions

At the end of last year, we introduced the ability to launch remote sessions directly from Hub’s web interface. These remote connections, secured by Devolutions Gateway, execute rapidly. Supported session types include RDP, SSH, Telnet, and PowerShell Remote, and now, as of this version, VNC and ARD.

To enhance this feature, we grouped open sessions in the menu bar, and these are visible only when you have web sessions open. Sessions can be viewed directly within the Hub web interface, simplifying navigation when multiple sessions are opened and eliminating the need for multiple browser tabs. And since no re-authentication or key exchanges are required, session management is the easiest it has ever been!

For instructions on using and configuring web-based sessions, consult the help topic: Launch a web session

Assign Gateway and PAM license per user

When adding a new Devolutions Gateway or Devolutions PAM license in Hub Business, you must assign the license to specific users based on the number of users included in your purchased license.

Important: If you were using the free Devolutions Gateway license included with Hub Business, you will find that the license has been modified to allow up to five free users. You will need to assign that license to five of your users, rather than to your installed Gateway.

Coming soon: Improved SSH key

Following the renaming of "Private Key" to "SSH Key," the web interface will soon support additional key types. You will be able to generate a new SSH Key or import an SSH Key directly within the entry.

Previously released

In May, we introduced some new features ahead of schedule, and termed the update a mid-release. You can read about the update in detail in this mid-release blog. Here's a reminder of what was delivered in 2024.1.100: