What's New in Hub Personal

2023.3.100 (January 2024)


We just couldn’t wait! Devolutions Hub Personal has been updated with several new features in advance of our larger feature release schedule.

The features discussed below are not yet available in the Devolutions Workspace desktop and mobile applications.

NEW: Look & Feel for the Web Interface

To start off the new year, we’ve revamped the look and feel of Hub’s user interface. Not only does Hub’s interface sport a new look, its functionality has been greatly improved:

NEW: In-Hub Release Notes & What’s New Page

To ensure that updates are front-and-center, we have included a Release Notes and a What’s New page within Devolutions Hub. Click on the icon in the upper-right corner to quickly access the latest information!

You can choose to Dismiss Release News, which will hide the icon entirely, or you can click the Close button.

Clicking on the gear icon will allow you to set your user settings to never show Release News in the future. You can change this setting from the user profile settings.

If you have chosen to dismiss the release news, no worries, you can always find the details in Help & Tools under Utilities in the Side Navigation!

NEW: Externally Share Passwords & Messages Securely Through Devolutions Send

Do you need to send passwords or sensitive information safely to a trusted external contact? Devolutions Hub is now integrated with our new Devolutions Send service to create a secured link with all content encrypted client-side.

IMPROVED: Simplified Business User Interface Profile

Last year we introduced the Business user profile to provide a simpler user experience. To make this even easier to use, the list of Entry properties shown in the default view was reduced. You can always see all properties through the Advanced toggle!

IMPROVED: Importing Third-Party Entries

You can now import entries from many different sources by navigating to Utilities → Help & Tools → Import. Bringing all of your business users and their data together under one tool just got so much easier!

New Hub Personal 2023.3 ( November 2023)


Hub Personal and Hub Business teams are unifying in Devolutions’ ongoing effort to streamline operations and development. Since  November 1 , Hub Personal  use the same back-end as Hub Business, which will help regulate our updates. After the merge, Hub users can anticipate the following improvements: