<b>Remote Desktop</b> Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Features and highlights

Audits and reports

Detailed reports help evaluate an enterprise’s level of information security and enhance control on access to privileged accounts.

Audit trail

  • Establish liability and transparency for all privileged accounts’ password-related actions by keeping track of every single user operation.

  • Capture all events around privileged account operations including login attempts and history.

  • Easily find out who did what with a password, where they did it, and when.

  • Use advanced search options to easily filter out and see logs of only specific events.

Activity log

  • Generate exhaustive access logs to keep track of privileged user activity.
  • Provide a clear view of which users are currently connected.
  • Export your report as a CSV file for future needs.
  • Execute and export your reports through a command line, use this feature in a shortcut or in a batch file, and use the Windows task scheduler to execute it.

Real-time connection

  • Know exactly who is connected in real-time for several types of sessions, including RDP, TeamViewer, embedded PuTTY and more.
  • Receive a notification if the session you are launching is already opened by another user.
  • Display a report of failed login attempts to your server.
  • All connection information is clearly presented on a dashboard for easy at-a-glance viewing.

Centralize, manage and secure remote connections

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