Establish a secure entry point for internal or external segmented networks that require authorized just-in-time (JIT) access. Generate detailed session tracking and auditing, and eliminate the need to continuously update VPN and firewall rules to grant temporary access.

Funktionen und Schwerpunkte

No VPN Deployment Necessary

Access private network resources from the internet without a VPN.


Transfer files remotely using SCP or SFTP.

Multi-Protocol Support

Reduce network exposure to RDP, SSH, ARD, VNC, PowerShell, and intranet websites.

No Cloud Service Dependency

Launch SSH or RDP sessions, even if there is no Internet connection.


Enforce 2FA through Devolutions Server authentication for all your users.

Logs & Reports

Improve visibility since just-in-time connections make detailed session tracking and auditing possible

Replacing RD Gateway and VPNs with Devolutions Gateway

Combined with Devolutions Server and Remote Desktop Manager, it can replace a traditional VPN or Microsoft RD Gateway while offering the ability to enforce multi-factor authentication (MFA).

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