<b>Remote Desktop Manager & CyberArk</b>

Remote Desktop Manager & CyberArk

Boost Your CyberArk Productivity

About the CyberArk integration in RDM

Together, Remote Desktop Manager and CyberArk offer security and efficiency in managing privileged accounts and remote connections. It is the best way to boost productivity with the CyberArk PAM solution without sacrificing security.

The CyberArk Dashboard entry aims to provide Remote Desktop Manager users with an asset-centric interface to CyberArk. Eliminate the need to use Password Vault Web Access (PVWA) and connect with a list of your allowed assets directly from RDM. Remote Desktop Manager has the significant advantage of only requiring MFA once. When you launch the Dashboard, it will authenticate once to your CyberArk server and, most importantly, maintain an active session for the duration of your work.

What you get with the CyberArk integration in RDM

Multiple sessions

Increase efficiency by quickly launching multiple remote sessions at once using RDM playlists.

Credential Injections

Securely retrieve and inject credentials into remote sessions with RDM, ensuring an end-user never sees the credentials.

Automated tasks

Say goodbye to routine tasks and processes through the many RDM integrations and automation solutions!

Watch RDM CyberArk Dashboard in Action

Passwordless Connection from RDM through CyberArk PSM

Cyberark application


The RDM end-user connects via a CyberArk Application with a personal certificate.


The CyberArk CCP retrieves the unprivileged account.


RDM connects to the CyberArk Privileged Session Manager (PSM) with the unprivileged account.


CyberArk PSM retrieves the privileged account using the unprivileged account.


CyberArk opens an RDP connection to the target privileged system using the privileged account, with RDM never knowing the privileged account password.

Other Benefits

Fully supported SAML authentication to CyberArk Privilege Cloud.

Integrate Remote Desktop Manager into your current CyberArk infrastructure without workflow disruption and quickly boost productivity!

Remove passwords and increase security through client authentication certificates managed through enterprise infrastructures.

With the RDM CyberArk Dashboard entry, use an intuitive interface that allows IT professionals to perform core tasks directly within Remote Desktop Manager.

Get started now!

A CyberArk Integration Module license is required with the Remote Desktop Manager Team edition. Please contact our sales team or visit our Documentation for more information.

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