<b>Remote Desktop</b> Manager

Remote Desktop Manager

Secure and easily access data across your organization with Devolutions.

What is Remote Desktop Manager?

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) offers a Swiss Army knife for IT departments looking to centralize and manage remote connections. With built-in enterprise-level password management tools, global access controls, and robust mobile apps complementing its desktop clients on Windows and Mac platforms, our remote desktop management tool is perfect to drive security while speeding up productivity throughout an organization!

What will RDM empower you to do

Associated Software

Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) integrates with Devolutions Server (DVLS), which is Devolutions’ self-hosted Privileged Account Management (PAM) platform. DVLS features robust role-based access control for all administrative users. RDM can be further enhanced by our companion tool, Devolutions Web Login, which enables automatic connection to websites.