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Lavaltrie, Quebec, December 15, 2020

Designed for SMBs, New Integrated Product Suite from Devolutions Delivers Productivity and Security for IT Departments

Devolutions today announced that its software products have now been integrated into a suite of essential IT management applications.

In a move that reduces vendor fatigue and streamlines the IT experience for small and midsize businesses (SMBs), software developer Devolutions today announced that its software products have now been integrated into a suite of essential IT management applications. This includes solutions for the management of remote connections, remote access, passwords and privileged access. When used in conjunction with one another, Devolutions’ suite of IT solutions provides a seamless user experience that combines increased security with productivity.

SMBs (companies with under 1,000 employees) are frequently asked to do more with less. Unlike their enterprise counterparts, budgets and resources for SMBs tend to be stretched thin – which has only intensified during this pandemic. Additionally, with a substantial percentage of employees working from home – and expecting fast and secure access to work files – IT professionals are seeking solutions that will enable secure remote connections. While there are solutions available that can accomplish this, there are very few that cater to SMBs. Devolutions provides solutions that are easy to deploy, affordable and not overly complicated – while still providing a strong level of security.

“Vendor fatigue is a real thing, especially during these challenging times,” said Devolutions CEO David Hervieux. “The average IT professional at an SMB doesn’t have time to participate in multiple calls with multiple vendors to hear about each of their individual solutions and then worry about how they will all fit together. With Devolutions, IT pros are provided with a one-stop shop, where they can purchase a series of solutions that easily integrate to make their lives easier. We also pride ourselves on offering that personal touch, working with our customers to quickly develop a proof of concept that meets the needs of the company then working with them through implementation and beyond.”

Devolutions’ IT Management Suite includes:

  • Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) – Known as a Swiss Army Knife for remote access, RDM centralizes remote connection technologies, remote data, password management and access control on a platform that is secure, scalable and simple to use. The updates to RDM are designed to increase interoperability and enhance existing features, such as more data sources, new credential types, a revamped user vault, temporary access rights, and more.
  • Password Hub – There are now two versions of Password Hub: Business and Personal, enabling users to manage business and personal accounts separately.
    • Password Hub Business – The existing version of Devolutions Password Hub is now branded Password Hub Business. A secure, easy-to-use cloud-based password management solution for team environments, Password Hub Business enables businesses to vault, manage and share business-user passwords and other sensitive data through a web interface. New or enhanced features include creation of a shared vault and a user vault, elimination of a master key, creation of folders for better organization, the addition of a data source into RDM, and improvements to iOS and Android mobile apps.
    • Password Hub Personal – This is a new version from Devolutions designed for business users who would like a separate hub for personal use. Users can securely store credentials for their personal data in Password Hub Personal, which is much safer than storing this data in spreadsheets or other unprotected documents. And it’s absolutely free.
  • Devolutions Server (DVLS) – Formerly Devolutions Password Server, DVLS is Devolutions’ privileged access management (PAM) solution for SMBs. The most significant of the enhanced features is easier onboarding, so that massive amounts of endpoints and credentials can be imported in a matter of hours.
  • Wayk Bastion – A self-hosted server that enables instant, centralized and standardized remote access management, Wayk Bastion is now targeted specifically to managed service providers (MSPs). There are not currently many options available to MSPs in the remote access management market. Wayk Bastion enables MSPs to manage servers for their customers in addition to supporting users when there is an issue with their computer – all in a timely manner.

Added Maurice Côté, Devolutions’ VP of business solutions, “We are offering an industry first that delivers to the SMB market the essential capabilities they need in IT management solutions – from PAM to remote connection management – in an affordable package that won’t break the bank. And now with our updated remote access product, Wayk Bastion, we are adding a solution that is specifically designed for MSPs.”

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