Devolutions PAM

Devolutions PAM

Privileged Access Manager built for IT professionals

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Control, monitor, and secure elevated access and permissions for users, accounts, processes, and systems across your organization, while supporting governance standards and compliance requirements. Shrink the size of your organization’s attack surface and reduce the likelihood and severity of breaches caused by hackers, or due to insider misuse and negligence.

How it works

The Privileged Access Management module is an add-on functionality offered with Devolutions Server and Devolutions Hub. It contains features, such as password vaulting, password rotation, and reporting. A PAM module license is required.

Features and highlights

Privileged account discovery

Automatically scan to discover privileged accounts (user, system, admin, service, database, etc.) from your provider(s).

Automatic and Scheduled Password Rotation

Automatic and scheduled password rotation

Enforce password rotation upon check-in of a privileged account, or schedule password rotations. This changes both the credentials for the system and stored in Devolutions Server or Hub.

Privileged Session Recording

Privileged session recording

Use the built-in recording server to save remote session recordings locally or remotely.

Secure Credential Injection

Secure credential injection

Securely inject credentials directly into remote sessions, but without ever exposing them to the user.

Checkout Request Approval

Checkout request approval

Users can easily ask admins to checkout privileged accounts. Admins are automatically notified and can grant/reject the request as appropriate.

Administrative Reports

Administrative reports

Keep track of privileged sessions and account activity with detailed admin reports for logging, audit, and compliance purposes.

Replacing Remote Credential Guard with Devolutions PAM

How to mitigate credential exposure to destination RDP servers using Devolutions PAM instead of Remote Credential Guard.

Discovery call

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Available as a fully-featured module in Devolutions Server and as a beta module within Devolutions Hub, our team is ready to partner with you and tailor our solutions to your needs. Talk to us to get started today!