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Privileged access manager built for IT professionals

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Devolutions PAM is a robust, easy-to-deploy, and affordable privileged access management solution that balances productivity and security.

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  • Privileged account discovery
  • Automatic and scheduled password rotation
  • Password change propagation
  • Checkout request approval
  • Just-in-time privilege elevation
  • Administrative reports and auditing

Need a PAM solution?

Are you looking for a seamless way to manage domain administrator access? Want to streamline updating root accounts with each employee change?

If this sounds like you, then you need a PAM solution. Whether you use Devolutions PAM or Remote Desktop Manager's third-party PAM integrations, the IT world moves fast, and you need control without putting the brakes on your team's productivity.

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What is Devolutions PAM?

Devolutions privileged access management (PAM) is an essential security platform designed to control, monitor, and secure elevated access for users, accounts, processes, and systems across your organization. It seamlessly integrates with enterprise systems, supports a broad range of security protocols, and adheres to governance standards.


Devolutions PAM delivers enterprise-grade robustness in a solution adapted to SMBs, combining ease of use with scalability. We are confident that it provides the best security framework for growing businesses. This tool helps minimize your organization’s attack surface and reduce the likelihood and severity of breaches caused by hackers, insider misuse, or negligence, making it an indispensable asset for enhancing security and managing privileged access effectively.

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Available as a full-featured module in Devolutions Server (DVLS) and as a beta module in Devolutions Hub, our team is ready to partner with you and tailor our solutions to your needs.


Note: For a module, you will need at least a Team license of Devolutions Server or, if using Devolutions Hub, a module license for the required number of named users.

Accelerate your team's productivity with PAM

Imagine granting your new employees access to a server without their knowing the admin password through secure credential injection. After a privileged account approval and checkout, they securely connect via Devolutions Gateway from wherever they are and the password automatically rotates. All is seamless, and productivity isn’t hindered. This is the Devolutions PAM and Remote Desktop Manager Team platform difference.


Open session with user that has no password-viewing rights.


Request to check out a privileged account, and once approved, RDP to the remote system with Devolutions Gateway.


Upon check-in, the password automatically rotates.

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Maximizing efficiency and security with Devolutions PAM

Priviledged account discovery

Privileged account discovery

Automatically scan your environment through a PAM provider. Available fully managed providers include:

  • Active Directory
  • Entra ID (Azure AD)
  • Local SSH Users
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Local Windows Users

The following providers only offer password resets and not discovery, but we are constantly improving!

  • MySQL
  • Cisco
  • Oracle

Don’t see yours yet? Create AnyIdentity custom providers through PowerShell and support nearly any source!

User approval

Check-out request approval

Allow your team to work how they need to with flexible checkout options for requesting approval in Devolutions Server or Hub.

  • Pre-defined time ranges for quick requests.
  • Custom time durations.
  • Specific time ranges, ideal for work outside standard hours.

Guarantee approvals go to the right person by assigning them to a specific individual or all approvers. Even approve requests on the go with Devolutions Workspace for Android or iOS!

Auto password rotation

Automatic and scheduled password rotation

Whether in Devolutions Server or Hub, enforce password rotations when checking in a privileged account. Set password rotation schedules for specific days and times, or a defined number of hours or minutes.

Ensure that your privileged account passwords are random by rotating them upon initial import from a provider!

30 days

Just-in-time privilege elevation

Instead of maintaining standing account permissions, use Devolutions PAM to provide the necessary privileges on check-out and revoke them on check-in.

Add Active Directory or Entra ID (Azure AD) groups to the allowed privilege elevation list, allowing your users to request higher privileges on demand.

Did a requestor ask for too many permissions? An approver can modify the approval request to add or remove JIT privilege requests!


Password change propagation

Passwords don't live only in Active Directory or Azure. Too often, passwords exist tied to services in different systems. Guarantee that your automatic password rotations reach the right places with PAM propagation.

With propagation scripts written in PowerShell, ensure that every password change reaches where you need it to go, such as a service, file, or database.

Logs reports

Administrative reports and auditing

Stay on top of your requests and approvals with reporting and auditing in Devolutions Server and Hub. See all the details of a request and who approved it, and confirm that the passwords were rotated and propagated.

Filter by vaults, users, and actions to see all of the recent activities in PAM vaults and any password rotations! Export reports for consumption by other logging systems to ensure compliance.

Already using an existing solution? Consider Devolutions PAM!

Replace MIM (Microsoft Identity Management) with Devolutions PAM

Do you need to broker access to on-premises Active Directory accounts, but are daunted by the idea of deploying Microsoft Identity Management (MIM)?

Microsoft is pushing MIM users to Azure AD, and deploying on-premises MIM is complicated and challenging. Instead of deploying bastion domains and multiple servers, Devolutions PAM offers a robust and flexible approach to brokered account access.

Discover how to manage account checkouts, automatically reset passwords, and import new managed accounts easily with Devolutions privileged access management!

Replace Azure Active Directory PIM (Privileged Identity Management) with Devolutions PAM

Despite your organization’s moving to Azure Active Directory, does the Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution licensing appear out of reach, or do you need a user-friendly solution?

Devolutions PAM offers uncomplicated licensing with a modern web interface. Perfect for remote workers who need brokered account access, PAM flexibility extends to integration with custom account data sources to support every tool you have.

With easily managed account check-outs, automatic password resets, and easily imported accounts, take your privileged account management to the next level with Devolutions privileged access management!

Looking for third-party PAM integrations?

We are confident that Devolutions PAM stands as the best solution for SMBs, combining the robustness of enterprise-grade solutions with an ease of use and scalability that perfectly meet the needs of smaller businesses.

However, if you are already using another PAM solution, we see a valuable opportunity to partner with you. Our aim is to help you maximize the effectiveness of your existing tools to enhance your security posture without necessitating a complete system overhaul. Devolutions PAM is designed to integrate seamlessly with other major PAM systems, ensuring that you can enhance your security measures while maintaining the investments you’ve already made.

If you use any of the PAM products below, you can use Remote Desktop Manager to make your team even more efficient!

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