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The right password management solution can help improve your security strategy without reducing productivity.


What's the challenge

Whether we like it or not, passwords are part of everyday life, both at work and at home. One of the major challenges companies face today is implementing solutions that enforce the use of strong passwords, while remaining easy enough to use that productivity is not compromised.

Many users struggle to remember their own device passwords, not to mention those of the dozens, if not hundreds, of websites, servers, and endpoints they access every day. This often leads users to simply neglect the issue altogether and re-use the same password everywhere in order to perform their jobs efficiently.

Now, if users do happen to utilize a password manager, IT professionals are faced with the extra challenge of trying to manage all these various systems, leading to an inconsistent security strategy and additional frustration.

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How we can help

The pressing need for an effective cloud-based password manager designed specifically for teams is what drove us to develop Devolutions Hub. Not only does our solution meet and exceed industry security standards, but it provides IT professionals with the tools they need to effectively manage their organization's password security strategy while remaining simple enough for every member of the team.

Since passwords are injected directly into websites and applications, users no longer have to remember individual passwords. In fact, not only can users access websites without ever seeing the password with the Workspace browser extension companion tool, they can also launch simple remote connections directly from their vault using the Devolutions Launcher tool. With Devolutions Hub, remembering passwords is a thing of the past.

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What's in it for you

Managing passwords using a solution that is specifically designed for teams provides two major benefits: improved security and increased productivity. Being able to manage and secure passwords from a single platform will help reduce the risk of unauthorized access to accounts while providing administrators with the logs and reports they require to effectively monitor user activity.

Moreover, using a granular approach to permissions adds additional control over user access; this helps maintain your least-privilege policy and prevent insider attacks. Team members will also find the web interface simple and easy to use, preventing any drag on productivity. A simplified user experience in addition to a centralized password vault will reduce helpdesk support calls, as users won’t have to remember or retrieve lost passwords ever again.

With Devolutions Hub, you get maximum security, increased productivity, and simplicity, all in one package. By getting the cloud-based password management tool created specifically for teams, gone are the days of spreadsheets and segregated password managers!

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Cloud-hosted password manager built for IT professionals


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