Privileged access management


Diminish the risk of insider threats and cyberattacks while providing audit and compliance requirements for your team.


What's the challenge

Securing and managing access to privileged accounts is crucial to any organization's security strategy. Privileged access management solutions should provide, at a minimum: a secured vault for storing privileged data; a means of enforcing least-privilege principles by delegating actions using role-based access controls; and a method of monitoring and reporting actions for audit and compliance requirements.

Even though a wide variety of PAM providers currently exist, the majority of them were developed to meet the needs of large enterprises. The challenge arises when a small- to medium-sized business (SMB) tries to implement one of these solutions in their specific environment. More often than not, administrators find these systems difficult to implement, too complex for end users, and way above their already strained budgets. This leaves many IT admins without the tools needed to effectively protect their organization's privileged assets.

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How we can help

Having worked with small businesses for the past 10 years, Devolutions is well-acquainted with the specific needs and daily operations of SMBs. We fully understand the challenges most IT professionals face: the need for affordable solutions; the limited resources for deploying and maintaining systems; and the need for tools end users will actually use. Devolutions PAM is an easy-to-implement, user-friendly, enterprise-grade PAM solution for small businesses.

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What's in it for you

You can ask any of our previous clients – when you do business with Devolutions, not only do you get an amazing product, you also get to partner with our amazing team of customer support staff, developers, and sales personnel. We value every single relationship, interaction, comment, and criticism from our customers – it's what keeps us motivated to do our job with excellence.

Not only will we guide you through the implementation of your PAM strategy, but we firmly believe that IT departments should have the flexibility to achieve their security goals in a manner that fits both their needs and their budgets. We think you will find our solution easy to deploy and use, and that its reasonable cost will fit nicely into your budget.

Give us a call so that we can help you meet your organization's privileged access management needs and get that peace of mind you deserve.

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Privileged access manager built for IT professionals

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Paul Fisher

Devolutions has created a compelling line up of software that individually work well to assist with aspects of Remote Access and Privileged Access Management. Together, they provide a good level of wider PAM capability that will appeal to SMBs looking for more than password management.

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Sysadmin PAM
Replace MIM (Microsoft Identity Management) with Devolutions privileged access management

Do you need to broker access to on-premise Active Directory accounts, but is the thought of deploying Microsoft Identity Management (MIM) daunting?

Deploying on-premise MIM is a complicated and challenging process. Instead of trying to navigate a complex web of documents and configurations, the Devolutions Privileged Access Management add-on to Devolutions Server offers a robust and flexible approach to brokered account access.

Discover how to manage account checkouts, automatically reset passwords, and import new managed accounts easily with Devolutions Privileged Access Management!

Sysadmin Azure
Replace Azure Active Directory PIM (Privileged Identity Management) with Devolutions privileged access management

Despite your organization moving to Azure Active Directory, does the Azure Privileged Identity Management (PIM) solution licensing appear out-of-reach or not user-friendly enough?

The Devolutions Privileged Access Management (PAM) add-on to Devolutions Server offers uncomplicated licensing with a modern web interface. Perfect for remote workers who need brokered account access, PAM flexibility extends to integration with custom account data sources to support every tool you have.

With easy managed account checkouts, automatic password resets, and easily imported accounts take your account management to the next level with Devolutions Privileged Access Management!

Sysadmin RDM PAM
Integrate Devolutions privileged access management with Remote Desktop Manager

Does your organization already use Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) but wants to further secure and manage account access?

With deep integration to RDM, add Devolutions Privileged Access Management (PAM) to Devolutions Server and empower your users to check out passwords knowing that upon completion, the accounts will automatically rotate their passwords, ensuring safety on subsequent access.

In-depth auditing and managed account access has never been easier with the Devolutions Privileged Access Management add-on to Devolutions Server!