Remote connection management

Managing a wide range of remote connections and tools from a centralized platform can boost productivity, decrease cost, and increase security.


What's the challenge

Connecting to remote computers, devices, and servers is at the heart of every IT department. On any given day, sysadmins will remotely access a host of systems using a variety of software, services, and applications. These tools are an essential part of their IT toolbox, as they allow for the management of multiple systems, while also providing end users with the support they need.

As IT professionals scale their efforts across larger networks, cloud services, connection protocols, and user environments, the difficulty of securely managing remote connections for each situation grows exponentially.

If these systems are left unmanaged, it won't be long before the number of individual configurations and lack of proper credential management will lead to inefficiency, vulnerabilities, and overall IT chaos.

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How we can help

What IT professionals need is a centralized platform to effectively manage remote connections and secure access to critical assets. This reality on the IT landscape is what spawned the creation of our remote connection management tool.

Remote Desktop Manager's powerful interface offers IT professionals with a single-pane-of-glass view of all their remote connections, while also providing them with a highly practical toolbox to help them maximize productivity.

Not only does Remote Desktop Manager act as an extremely powerful "swiss-army-knife" toolset, but it also integrates with over 160 different technologies and protocols, like password managers, privileged access management applications, synchronizers, VPNs, scripting tools, and more.

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What's in it for you

Using a remote connection management system like Remote Desktop Manager allows you to centralize and secure access to all your remote connections, manage privileged credentials, configure your network for remote access, and restrict permissions to specific users. IT teams can use the integrated credential management features to store and manage account passwords, in addition to integrating existing password manager solutions directly into Remote Desktop Manager.

User privileges and permissions can be easily managed using our role-based access controls, which can work with your active directory groups to help admins create a granular protection system. All of these systems can help enforce your least-privilege principles and protect sensitive data so you can comply with data security regulations. Gone are the days of managing multiple applications and systems just to perform your daily tasks. With Remote Desktop Manager, managing remote sessions is easier and more effective than ever before.

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