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Yes, licenses are calculated per USER, not per INSTALLATION. You can install Remote Desktop Manager on unlimited devices (laptop, desktop, home computer etc.), as long as you hold a license for each individual that connects to your system. (For example, 15 individual users would need 15 individual licenses.)

Yes, Remote Desktop Manager is subscription-based. You can subscribe for one (1) year or three (3) years at a time. It has to be renewed every year depending on your subscription plan.

To renew your RDM license – or a license for any other Devolutions product -- please follow these simple steps:

1. Visit our online store https://store.devolutions.net/
2. Select "Existing Customer" and enter your old licence key, which can be found from the Help menu > Register Version

3. Choose a category based on your team size. Select "Team" for more than one user
4. Add Storage or Select a support plan if needed
4. Checkout by clicking on the checkout button
5. Enter your payment information.

No problem! We’re pleased to offer special pricing to existing RDM Team customers like you who would like to upgrade to another product or purchase more RDM licenses. To take advantage of this special pricing, please contact sales@devolutions.net.

The User license is an individual license. There must be a valid license for each individual who will have access to the software (just like a “Named User License”).

The Site license grants you the right to use Remote Desktop Manager for up to 50 employees for a single site (location). Remote workers that are based in another office are NOT included in the license. A location is a place of work – if you are at another address, you will need another license.

The Site Unlimited license grants you the right to use Remote Desktop Manager for all your employees (unlimited users), for a single site.

The Multi-Sites license grants you the right to use Remote Desktop Manager for all your employees (unlimited users), across multiple sites (offices) worldwide. You will receive 1 license key and that key will allow unlimited users at unlimited locations.

Please note that Multi-Sites licenses may be purchased by governmental entities only after the scope of the license (department, agency, ministry, etc.) has been defined and approved by Devolutions Inc. prior to purchase.

The Site license applies to affiliate companies, provided that up to 50 employees are in the same building. If that isn't the case, you can purchase multiple Site licenses, a Site Unlimited license if there are 50 employees or more at the same location, or a Multi-Sites license if there are multiple locations.

Each RDM user requires a license, regardless of how many users are connected at the same time. For example, if a team has 25 IT Pros, it would purchase 25 licenses.

Free Edition

The Free Edition of Remote Desktop Manager is free for personal and commercial usage. At Devolutions, we believe that everyone needs and deserves to benefit from smarter, safer and more effective software solutions.

Team Edition

Please start by checking your Spam folder. If you still can’t find the email, then it's possible that the address you entered during the buying process was invalid or incorrect. Please send a note to sales@devolutions.net with your name and a valid email address, and we will promptly send you the serial number.