Use Case 13

Remote Desktop Manager + SQL Express Data Source

Replacing MySQL or MariaDB with SQL Express Data Source on Linux

How to set up RDM Enterprise with a SQL Express Data Source on Linux

Who Is This Use Case For?

This use case is for organizations currently running a newly deprecated MySQL or MariaDB database backend for Remote Desktop Manager (RDM).

The Problem

As of version 2022.1.11.0, RDM no longer supports MySQL or MariaDB as a data source. Typically, this database is used with Linux servers. An organization may not be ready or desire a migration to Windows servers for the RDM data source.

The Solution

What then is a supported Linux server database backend for RDM? Microsoft SQL Server Express is newly supported on Linux, with excellent management tools, and support from RDM. Once the desired vaults are migrated, you will have a familiar server environment and a secure and performant database.

How it works

  1. Install MS SQL Server Express on a Linux Server.
  2. Open the necessary firewall port, typically 1433.
  3. Connect RDM to the MS SQL database via the sa user to create the RDM database.
  4. Add any necessary accounts to the RDM instance.

Summary of Benefits

  • Familiar Server Environment: Leverage existing expertise in Linux server management instead of migrating to a Windows server backend.
  • Proven and Secure Database: Microsoft SQL Server has been used in enterprises and organizations worldwide for several decades with proven success.
  • Excellent Management Tools: Leverage Microsoft SQL Management Studio, CLI tooling, and DbaTools for PowerShell to ease management.
Next Steps

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