Remote Connection Launching Tool

for Password Server & Password Hub

Session Types

Currently Supporting the Following Connection Types.

  • RDP (Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol)
  • VNC (Virtual Network Computing)
  • ARD (Apple Remote Desktop)
  • Wayk Now (Devolutions' Remote Access Tool)
  • SSH Shell & Tunnel
  • Telnet
  • Port Forward
  • Proxy Tunnel
  • FTP (File Transfer Protocol) & SFTP (Secure SSH File Transfer Protocol)
  • WebDAV (Web Distributed Authoring and Versioning)
  • Secure Embedded Web Browser

What is Devolutions Launcher?

Devolutions Launcher is a companion tool for Devolutions Password Server and Devolutions Password Hub.

The application provides users with a simple method of launching remote sessions, while also giving system administrators full control of whether passwords and sensitive information are divulged or kept secret. All privileged account information is transmitted directly from the password vault into the remote session via Launcher's secure API, keeping with the latest security standards.