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Self-Hosted Credential Manager Built for IT Professionals

Free Edition


For teams of up to 10 users
*Remote Desktop Manager Team is required.

Team, Enterprise & Platinum Editions

Team, Enterprise & Platinum Editions

For teams, small and medium-sized businesses,
and MSPs

  • Self-hosted shared credential vault
  • Secure credential injection and connection launching
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SSO integrations - local AD, Entra ID (Azure AD), Okta, and PingOne
  • Role-Based Access Control system
  • Detailed access and audit reports
  • Seamless Remote Desktop Manager integration
  • Privileged Access Management capable
  • Devolutions Gateway support

Secure, Control, and Monitor Access to Credentials

Managing credentials and controlling access to endpoints are of the utmost importance for every organization, regardless of size. As the concern for insider threats and data breaches grows, the demand for solutions is also reaching an all-time high. Unfortunately, the majority of existing solutions continue to primarily focus on meeting the needs of large-scale organizations. This results in solutions less suited to the specific needs of IT professionals and the SMBs they serve, as these solutions tend to be overly complex, challenging to deploy, and beyond budget. This dilemma drove Devolutions to create solutions specifically designed to meet the growing needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Devolutions Server offers the highest level of security for your teams without compromising their efficiency.

What is Devolutions Server?

Devolutions Server is a self-hosted shared account and credential management solution with optional privileged access components. It deploys rapidly, implements easily, and integrates well with the tools IT professionals are currently using. Devolutions Server is designed to meet the ever-expanding security requirements of teams of all sizes, while remaining user friendly for the end-users.


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Powerful Integrations


Remote Desktop Manager for Teams

Unlock Devolutions Server’s full potential by integrating it as a back-end data source for Remote Desktop Manager’s (RDM) powerful remote connection capabilities, automation tools, and wide range of IT integrations.

Improve your security posture without sacrificing your IT personnel's productivity.

Secured connection launching

Securely establish sessions and remote connections to servers, websites, and applications using vaulted credentials without exposing them to the user.

Automation tools and workflows

Use playlists, macros, and PowerShell scripts to automate daily tasks, update end-points, and perform maintenance.

Gated and temporary access

Incorporate gated checkouts of remote sessions/credentials or grant temporary access to sessions in a matter of seconds.


Devolutions Privileged Access Management

Control, monitor, and secure elevated access and permissions for users, accounts, processes, and systems across your organization, while supporting governance standards and compliance requirements. Shrink the size of your organization’s attack surface and reduce the likelihood and severity of breaches caused by hackers, or due to insider misuse and negligence.

Account discovery

Easily discover privileged accounts (user, system, admin, service, database, etc.) from various account providers.

Password rotation policies

Enforce password rotation upon check-in of a privileged account, or schedule password rotations. This changes both the credentials for the system and those stored in Devolutions Server.

Checkout request approval

Users can easily ask admins to checkout privileged accounts. Admins are automatically notified and can grant or reject the request as appropriate.

Sys gateway

Devolutions Gateway

As many IT professionals know, traditional VPNs are notoriously difficult to set up and manage. Remote IT workers often need access to only a few resources. What if you could pair Devolutions Server (DVLS) with an easy and secure just-in-time (JIT) connection to private network resources without all the setup and overhead a traditional VPN needs?

With Devolutions Gateway, secure RDP, SSH, VNC, and other connections on-demand!

Web-based RDP, SSH, VNC, and more!

Easily and securely launch web-based remote connections directly from your Devolutions Server web-interface using the Gateway. No more complicated VPN setups needed.

Session recording

Use the built-in recording server to save remote session recordings locally or remotely.

Better logging and reporting

Improve visibility since just-in-time connections make detailed session tracking and auditing possible.

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Concerned about security? At Devolutions, security is at our core. Learn more about our privacy-by-design strategy.

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Features and Highlights


Single Sign-On (OAuth)

Enable authorized users to log in one time with a single set of credentials, and then access all of the apps, data, and websites for which they have permission.


Windows & Office 365 Authentication

Centralize the management of multiple accounts, sync with Azure Active Directory, enable support for multi-factor authentication (MFA), and improve UX.


Role-Based Access Control

Tie Devolutions Server’s role-based access control security system with existing Active Directory groups.


Two-Factor Authentication

Enforce an additional layer of security to authenticate users with various popular MFA solutions like: Office 365, SMS, Email, Devolutions Workspace, Duo, Google Authenticator, Yubikey, Radius Server, and Azure Multi-Factor.


Secure Messaging

Send secure messages within your team, and safely pass credentials from your vault to members who require access.


Logs & Reports

Keep track of logs, and if desired, send the Syslog file to external tools for reporting and auditing purposes.

Start Using Devolutions Server

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Sysadmin Server Password
Managing Shared Passwords via Devolutions Server

Is your IT staff constantly finding passwords under keyboards? Password management is difficult, and the more complicated the environment, the more involved management becomes.

With a modern web interface, support for role-based access, and Active Directory integration, you can be confident that your passwords are securely stored and accessible to just those who need them. No more passwords in text files on desktops or under keyboards.

Increase your organization's security with the on-premise Devolutions Server and easily manage your team's shared passwords!

Sysadmin Secure Access
Combining Remote Desktop Manager with Devolutions Server

As powerful as Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) is, what if your organization needs enhanced reporting, role-based permissions, and web-based access?

It’s no secret that managing credential and connection access has become complicated with so many remote workers. Protect your organization by using the in-depth auditing and reporting of Devolutions Server to ensure every connection is authentic. Make access easy with a modern web-based console, yet take connection management to the next level when paired with RDM.

Gain peace of mind with the strong security of Devolutions Server paired with the productivity of Remote Desktop Manager. Stop worrying about your password management, and focus on the work!

Sysadmin Gateway
Combining Devolutions Gateway with Devolutions Server

With a traditional VPN, not only is access widely granted to a private network, but the setup is complex and management a headache. The question becomes, how do you secure and manage your connections while empowering those who need access?

Devolutions Server combined with Devolutions Gateway adds secure just-in-time (JIT) connections to private network resources without all the setup and overhead a traditional VPN needs.

Multi-protocol support, enhanced auditing, and in-depth logging let you ditch the VPN altogether!


Want to learn more about the benefits of using Devolutions Server? We have an extensive choice of whitepapers, infographics, and resources for you to read.

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Devolutions has created a compelling line up of software that individually work well to assist with aspects of Remote Access and Privileged Access Management. Together, they provide a good level of wider PAM capability that will appeal to SMBs looking for more than password management.

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