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55 FEBRUARY 2017

Overview of Devolutions’ Products

Remote Desktop Manager has been around from the very beginning and it remains central to what Devolutions is all about. Our other products are directly related to RDM or are derivatives of it. Find a quick overview of our products on our blog to help you understand the difference between our various solutions.

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February Poll – What Are the 3 BEST IT Mobile Apps You Use For Work?

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Jump Host now Integrated Into Remote Desktop Manager 12

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Must You Always Renew Your Maintenance Plan?

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Zoho Vault Now Integrated into Remote Desktop Manager

If you’re an experienced RDMer, you know that you can integrate a range of popular password management tools into Remote Desktop Manager, such as KeePass,1Password and so on. Were happy to announce that we’ve added a new member to the family: Zoho Vault!

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New Browser Extension: Introducing Devolutions Web Login

Prior to this new solution, it was necessary to install and manage the browser extensions for Remote Desktop Manager and Password Vault Manager separately. Well, those days are over thanks to the new bundled Devolutions Web Login!

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Today’s Hottest Hobbies for Geeks

We all have hobbies that help us kill spare time – or cause us to waste time we don’t have! But so what? Hobbies are fun and relaxing, and you can learn interesting things and meet cool people. Here's a list of our favorites.

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Why Is a Database Upgrade Sometimes Required when Using Remote Desktop Manager?

Have you ever wondered why Remote Desktop Manager sometimes asks you to upgrade the database – and other times it doesn’t? Well, there's a simple answer to this. Learn why on our blog.

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