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59 JUNE 2017

Guest Blog: Remote Desktop Team Considerations

Remote Connections are used in many corporate environments. As part of a blog series created by the Petri IT team, here's a handy overview of some important team considerations when using Remote Connections.

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Password Vault Manager 8.5 Is Here!

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How to Secure SSH with Google Two-Factor Authentication

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June Poll: What Do All New IT Grads Need to Know? Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card!

The best teachers in life are Experience and Time. After all, being successful in IT is all about learning and doing, followed by more learning and doing… This month, we’d like you to put your Yoda mask on, reach into the depths of your experience, and share what you think all new IT grads need to know.

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  TIPS & Tricks

Best Practices
for Securing
Remote Desktop Connections

Remote Connections are very commonly used by administrators. While they are a good management tool and allow greater efficiency, it is essential to keep them secure. This guest blog by the Petri IT team sums up the best practices to adopt for securing Remote Desktop Connections.

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Introducing the NEW Remote Desktop Manager Country-Based License

The country-based license for RDM is our new alternative to always give you licensing options that best suit your needs. We also seize the occasion to inform you that we are shifting to customized pricing for our Global licenses.

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Exploring Remote Desktop Manager Permissions

Permissions are a set of rights that can be granted to roles instead of users. It allows for very accurate control of your security, giving you more flexibility and simplifying right management. For example, you can restrict access to entries, security settings, attachments, and so on. Plus, since you don’t have to configure permissions for each user, you’ll save time and reduce the risk of error.

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