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61 AUGUST 2017

[Case Study] How RDM Allowed LM² Consultant Manage Its Passwords and Credentials

LM² Consulting GmbH provides a full range of IT consulting, as well as management, implementation and training services for medium and large companies. LM² Consulting has been using Remote Desktop Manager for 2.5 years and continues to enjoy many advantages like configuring individual user and role-based security settings.

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How To Transfer Millions of Files Using PowerShell

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New Remote Desktop Manager Integration: Sticky Password

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[QUIZ] Are You a TRUE Techie?

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Who's the Best Speaker You've Ever Heard?

Have you ever heard a speaker that really impacted you because of their message, or their way of expressing it? It can be someone you encountered at a conference, in your workplace, at school, online, or even a family member - you make the rules. You were inspired, and now it’s you chance to inspire other people in our community!

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Devolutions' Pinball Saga

Remember the good old days when people used to go to the arcades and spend money (or tokens!) to play pinball? Well, here at Devolutions we have our own pinball collection - and we can play for free! After a working hard all day, it’s always nice to chill out with a Pinball game. Here's an insight into our collection, from the machines' levels of difficulty to the way we play them!

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Top 3 Reasons to Become - or not to Become - a SysAdmin

System Administrators' jobs can be really stressful, but as a SysAdmin, you also get to work with great people and have the chance to make a positive difference in their everyday lives. Here's a highlight of our community's Top 3 reasons to become - or not to become - a System Administrator.

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Interview with SysAdmin Day Creator Ted Kekatos

We have something VERY SPECIAL to share: Max, our VP Sales & Marketing, recently had the privilege of speaking with the IT pro who created SysAdmin Day back in 2000: the one and only Ted Kekatos! As you might expect, their conversation was very interesting! Here are some insights into Ted's work experience and technology in general.

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