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Lavaltrie, Quebec, December 1, 2014

Devolutions Acquires Major Stake in Awake Coding

Devolutions’ acquisition of a major stake in Awake Coding, means that IT pros, SMBs and enterprises worldwide can look forward to more features and functions in both FreeRDP and Remote Desktop Manager.

""We're pleased to welcome Marc-André and his team in our organization, and bring our partnership to a whole new level.""

Devolutions, the creator of Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) and Password Vault Manager (PVM), officially announced via its blog last week that it has acquired a major stake in Awake Coding, the creator of open source project FreeRDP.

The relationship between Devolutions and Awake Coding dates back to 2012, when experts from the respective companies began collaborating on several key projects, including advancing the globally-renowned FreeRDP towards a complete cross-platform implementation of Microsoft’s Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), and integrating FreeRDP into Remote Desktop Manager: Devolutions’ flagship all-in-one credential and password management platform, which is used by more than 200,000 IT pros in over 100 countries.

As a result of the acquisition, over the coming weeks the FreeRDP team led by its CEO and Founder Marc-André Moreau will transition to Devolutions’ head office, which is located in a building complex and campus owned by the company. Together, the respective teams will work even more closely on adding more features and functions to both FreeRDP and Remote Desktop Manager.

“I’ve believed in Marc-André and FreeRDP since the first day we met,” commented Devolutions’ CEO and Founder David Hervieux. “I’m pleased to welcome Marc-André and his team in our organization, and bring our partnership to a whole new level. Devolutions has always been a proud sponsor of open source projects, and this acquisition is part of our commitment to consistently offer our community the best technologies in the remote desktop management industry. FreeRDP is an amazing protocol, and thanks to the synergies between Devolutions and Awake Coding Consulting, the possibilities are endless!”

“I feel thrilled and privileged to become part of the Devolutions family, and consider this to be an incredible opportunity,” commented Awake Coding Consulting’s CEO and Founder Marc-André Moreau. “Prior to the acquisition, we were already working very closely with the Devolutions team. But now we can intensify our efforts and really achieve amazing synergies, as we work together as a unified group. On a personal level, this is a very important step in my career and life. However, I have no hesitation because I know first-hand that the amazing people at Devolutions are among the industry’s best!”

Further details on the acquisition, and subsequent FreeRDP and Remote Desktop Management updates, will be posted on Devolutions’ blog at

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