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Lavaltrie, Quebec, June 14, 2022

Devolutions Addresses MSP Priority for IT Security Tools at MSP Expo 2022

Three-Tier Model Delivers Right-Sized Tech Stack

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., June 14, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Booth #734 – MSPs face the dual challenge of safeguarding data for their customers as well as building in security measures for their own business. Ultimately when each challenge is embraced with optimum tools, the result dovetails into trusted relationships with customers. Next week at MSP Expo – held June 21-24 at the Broward County Convention Center – software developer Devolutions will address the situation head on with a three-tiered IT security model designed to fit the varied needs of MSPs.

Three Tiers of IT Security

Devolutions categorizes IT security into three tiers and provides a variety of identity access management and remote connection solutions to meet any tier:

  • Tier three is for MSPs that need basic – yet robust and reliable – connection management. These are MSPs that work in smaller teams, and the passwords they manage are not for privileged accounts. For MSPs at this level, Devolutions’ Remote Desktop Manager solution is a good fit.
  • Tier two is for MSPs that not only need a solid remote connection management solution but the ability to pair it with another solution that protects the database from direct access, with built-in business logic and security. For MSPs at this level, the best approach is Remote Desktop Manager paired with Password Hub Business (for SaaS) or Remote Desktop Manager paired with Devolutions Server (for self-hosted).
  • Tier one is for MSPs that face stringent privilege access management (PAM) obligations – for example, their customers include hospitals that must adhere to HIPAA compliance. The right package for MSPs in this tier is Remote Desktop Manager paired with Devolutions Server, which is enhanced with the PAM module. With secure credential injection, MSPs can confidently tell their customers that no human will ever see these passwords.

Spotlight on New Devolutions Gateway

A particular product of focus is Devolutions’ new Devolutions Gateway. Launched earlier this year, Devolutions Gateway works in conjunction with Devolutions Server to provide secure, authorized access in segmented networks, with no need to configure a VPN. For MSPs, Devolutions Gateway enables seamless connection to separate customer networks. The new module is also not dependent on the cloud, so it can be deployed inside a network with no internet access required and therefore no risk of downtime during an internet outage.

At MSP Expo

At MSP Expo, Devolutions will showcase its full suite of solutions – including their remote connection, password management and PAM products – all of which arm MSPs with the tools they need to enhance data security and improve productivity. IT professionals from Devolutions will also conduct one-on-one demos of Devolutions Gateway – as well as Remote Desktop Manager, Password Hub Business and Devolutions Server – to show how each product can serve MSPs’ needs in a practical way and discuss real-world scenarios and the various levels of IT security maturity.

According to Maurice Côté, vice president of business solutions at Devolutions, “Coming out of the pandemic presents difficult challenges but also tremendous opportunity for MSPs. We pride ourselves on not just being another vendor – but a true partner to MSPs. Our solutions and our counsel open the door for MSPs to increase their capacity to do more – helping them generate new customers, making them more competitive and profitable. We look forward to having many great conversations at MSP Expo.”

Coming Attractions … The State of IT Security in 2022

Devolutions keeps a regular pulse on the state of IT security for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs) with its annual IT security survey and report. The annual survey polls IT professionals at SMBs around the globe to identify security-related challenges, priorities and common trends from year to year. The 2022 survey is currently open for responses here, with the full report available in the fall.

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