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Lavaltrie, Quebec, December 22, 2012

Devolutions Developing Mac and Mobile Platform Versions of Remote Desktop Manager (RDM)

Virtual machine, password and credentials management tool Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) creator Devolutions will release much-anticipated Mac and mobile platform version in the coming months.

Devolutions a Canadian-based enterprise software solutions company with over 200,000 users in more than 80 countries, confirmed today that it is in the process of developing Mac and mobile platform versions of its globally-acclaimed virtual machine, password and credentials management tool, Remote Desktop Manager (RDM).

Devolutions’ integration of RDM into the Mac and mobile space, which comes as a result of requests from customers around the world, will focus initially on capturing the tool’s core functionality, and will gradually be developed over time as more features are added. It’s a phase-in process that Devolutions says is required in order to balance efficiency with completeness.

“RDM is an incredibly complex and powerful application, and once you start looking under the hood, the amount of functionality is mind-boggling,” commented Devolutions’ developer Richard Markiewicz, who is leading the RDM integration project. “If we tried to ship a first version for Mac or mobile that incorporated everything from RDM, it would take a very long time! So it makes sense to start with an initial release that incorporates the core functionality, which we can then build on and evolve over time.”

With respect to release dates, Devolutions’ CEO and founder David Hervieux says that customers should expect to see something in the next few months.

“We know that our customers around the world are eagerly waiting for these solutions, and let me personally assure them that we are devoting all necessary resources to launch Mac and mobile versions that are worthy of the RDM name and brand,” commented Hervieux. “We expect to release something in the next few months, and definitely before the middle of 2013.”

IT Pros, network administrators, project managers and others can download a free 30-day trial version at After the trial, users can continue using the free Standard Edition, or upgrade to the enhanced enterprise Edition for a nominal licensing fee.

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