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Lavaltrie, Quebec, June 24, 2014

Devolutions Launches Remote Desktop Manager Agent to Automate RDP-in-RDP Sessions

Remote Desktop Manager 9.4 beta from Devolutions now features RDM Agent, which allows IT pros and teams to save time and boost productivity by automating RDP-in-RDP sessions and much more. A no-cost, 30-day trial of RDM 9.4 is available from

""RDM Agent is one of the most important new features in RDM 9.4 beta, and the soon-to-be-released 9.5 official version.""

IT pros and teams worldwide who want to save time and boost productivity by sending command lines to other machines from within Devolutions’ Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) can now download RDM 9.4 beta and take advantage of the platform’s integrated new tool called RDM Agent.

With RDM Agent, RDM users can conveniently and easily:

  • Launch automated RDP-in-RDP sessions to carry out a variety of tasks such as running PowerShell scripts on multiple machines, upgrading scripts, running tools as a different user, RDP log off, and so on.
  • Continue using their RDM variables within a file-based script since they are automatically resolved prior to being sent to the destination machine.
  • Manage Jump Host sessions (a process that Devolutions calls “RDM Jump”) via a single data and log all activity without the need to manage a second instance of RDM via local XML and RDP.

“RDM Agent is one of the most important new features in RDM 9.4 beta, and the soon-to-be-released 9.5 official version,” commented Devolutions’ founder and CEO David Hervieux. “It also clearly illustrates one of our essential design philosophies, which is to constantly improve and enhance our existing products, rather than clog the marketplace – and confuse our community – by treating each advancement as an opportunity to launch a totally new product or brand. Our goal is to make our users’ lives simpler and easier, and that’s a commitment we never lose sight of.”

IT pros and teams can download RDM 9.4 beta featuring RDM Agent from, and try it at no-cost for 30 days. After their trial period is over, they can choose from a variety of license options to fit their needs and budget. All Devolution licenses are per user rather than per machine, so that users can be productive at work, home, or anywhere else without having to pay additional licensing fees.

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About Devolutions:

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