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Lavaltrie, Quebec, November 21, 2012

Enterprise Software Firm Devolutions Launches Remote Desktop Manager 8.0

Newest version of Devolutions’ Remote Desktop Manager 8.0 features major updates to UI, credential management, MySQL integration and more. A free 30-day trial is available at

""Version 8.0 represents, by far, the most advanced and user-friendly Remote Desktop Manager ever!""

IT pros, network administrators, project managers and other professionals and organizations around the world who want to securely and efficiently manage all of their virtual machines and remote connections, can now download the latest version of Devolutions’ Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) 8.0.

Devolutions, which is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has over 200,000 users in more than 80 countries, has integrated a number of major updates in Remote Desktop Manager 8.0, including:

  • A completely new UI that features docking, full customization, ribbon interface, tree list with column support, and more
  • An improved credential management function, which now allows for parent and group inherited credentials, along with KeePass on Terminal Server support and connection string credential types
  • Full integration with Amazon Ec2 Console and XenServer console
  • Improved MySQL integration with attachments, logs and security management
  • Integrated macro/script tools, such as AutoHotkey, AutoIT, Jitbit Macro Recorder, VBScript, DB script, SFTP (built-in)
  • Better change tracking functionality and options
  • ...and several additional improvements and enhancements.

“Version 8.0 represents, by far, the most advanced and user-friendly RDM ever,” commented David Hervieux, founder and CEO of Devolutions, Inc. “The numerous improvements we’ve made are a direct result of feedback that our community has shared with us. We’re always listening, and we’ll never stop striving to deliver the best possible tool that empowers our customers to securely and easily manage all of their remote connections, machines and passwords.”

Added Hervieux: “We didn’t start the revolution that has driven millions of people to use remote desktop tools and protocols, but we are among the leaders when it comes to simplifying and centralizing the way IT pros work with those tools and protocols.”

IT Pros, network administrators, project managers and other individuals and organizations who want to explore the features and benefits in RDM 8.0 can download a free 30-day trial version at After the trial, users can continue using the free Standard Edition, or upgrade to the enhanced Enterprise Edition for a nominal licensing fee.

For more information or media inquiries, contact Maxime Trottier, Marketing Director, at (514) 360-3686 or

About Devolutions

Established in 2004, Devolutions is a Canadian-based company located near Montreal, Quebec. The firm currently has over 200,000 users in over 80 countries. The firm’s mission is to develop innovative enterprise software that helps users cost-effectively, simply and effectively achieve their network management, password management, credentials management and security goals. The firm is also committed to providing exceptional technical support, ensuring an excellent user experience that exceeds expectations, and delivering high performance with superior quality. The firm’s current roster of solutions includes Remote Desktop Manager, Password Vault Manager, Remote Desktop Manager Online and Remote Desktop Manager Server.

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