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Lavaltrie, Quebec, August 29, 2012

Remote Desktop Manager Creator Devolutions Launches New “Localizer” Translation Tool

Creator of Remote Desktop Manager launches its very own translation tool to help the company translate its flagship solution into multiple languages. So far, 35 contributors have helped the company offer German and Russian versions, in addition to English and French.

""Our goal is to help as many IT pros throughout the world as possible, and with the help of our amazing contributors, we’re on our way""

Devolutions, a Canadian-based enterprise software development firm with a global footprint, and creator of the popular remote connection and credential management tool Remote Desktop Manager, has launched Localizer: its powerful new translation tool.

Devolutions’ Localizer replaces Amanuens, the company’s previous localization platform, which was recently discontinued by its creator. Going forward, contributors who are interested in helping the company translate Remote Desktop Manager into new languages can simply subscribe to Localizer and choose their preferred language from a massive list. Devolutions’ staff will swiftly assign them with a project, and they’ll be all set to translate at their own pace when time permits.

So far, 35 contributors from Devolutions’ community of IT pros have helped translate Remote Desktop Manager into Russian and German. Previously, the software had been available only in English and French.

“Although we loved the now-defunct Amaneuns, we’re thrilled to now have our very own custom localization platform, which we have designed specifically to answer our needs and provide our contributors with maximum support and easy-of-use,” commented Devolutions’ CEO and founder David Hervieux. “Our goal is to help as many IT pros throughout the world as possible, and with the help of our amazing contributors, we’re on our way!”

More information regarding Devolutions’ new translation tool, Localizer, can be found on the company’s blog by clicking here. Contributors who want to subscribe to Localizer and start translating can access the tool by clicking here.

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