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Secure Remote Access Management — No VPN Required

Devolutions Gateway integrated

Establish a secure entry point for internal or external segmented networks that require authorized just-in-time (JIT) access. Generate detailed session tracking and auditing reports, and eliminate the need to continually update VPN and firewall rules to grant temporary access. Gateway supports RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, ARD, PowerShell, and web connection protocols!

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Require Devolutions Gateway connection

Keep every connection secure and tracked by requiring RDM users to connect through Devolutions Gateway.

Launch web-based sessions

In DVLS and Hub, open RDP and SSH sessions right from the web interface (with more protocols coming soon!).

In-depth connection reporting

Track active and closed connections through audit logs and view active open sessions.

Role-based access control

Implement RBAC, backed by DVLS or Hub, to restrict access to connections to those who need them.

Requires a Devolutions Server or Devolutions Hub Business data source, both of which require a subscription to Remote Desktop Manager Team Edition.

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Devolutions Gateway standalone

Discover Devolutions Gateway standalone today!
Meant for small deployments, the standalone version is free to install and use (commercial and personal), and offers you a simple web interface as an external launcher to connect to internally hosted services via RDP, SSH, Telnet, VNC, or ARD!

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As you explore Gateway to find out if it’s right for you, use it with or without a username and password. Integrate Gateway with ngrok to quickly open a connection when you need it!

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Features and Highlights

No VPN Deployment Necessary

No VPN Deployment Necessary

Access private network resources from the internet without a VPN.

File Transfer

File Transfer

Transfer files remotely using SCP or SFTP.

Multi-Protocol Support

Multi-Protocol Support

Reduce network exposure to RDP, SSH, ARD, VNC, PowerShell, and intranet websites.

No Cloud Service Dependency

No Cloud Service Dependency

Launch SSH or RDP sessions, even if there is no Internet connection.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication

Enforce MFA on all connections made through Devolutions Gateway

Logs & Reports

Logs & Reports

Improve visibility since just-in-time connections make detailed session tracking and auditing possible

Sysadmin Gateway
Replacing Remote Desktop Gateway with Devolutions Gateway

Do your business and IT users need to RDP into various servers, but does the thought of setting up a Remote Desktop Gateway environment cause sleepless nights?

Devolutions Gateway proxies secure just-in-time (JIT) RDP connections to internal servers without the setup and overhead a Remote Desktop Gateway requires. Avoid complicated licensing and maintenance headaches with Devolutions Gateway.

Save countless hours and deploy Devolutions Gateway to easily add secure RDP connection access with multi-factor authentication and in-depth logging!

Sysadmin Gateway Devolutions Server
Combining Devolutions Gateway with Devolutions Server

With a traditional VPN, not only is access widely granted to a private network, but the setup is complex and management a headache. The question becomes, how do you secure and manage your connections while empowering those who need access?

Devolutions Server combined with Devolutions Gateway adds secure just-in-time (JIT) connections to private network resources without all the setup and overhead a traditional VPN needs.

Multi-protocol support, enhanced auditing, and in-depth logging let you ditch the VPN altogether!

Sysadmin Gateway VPNS
Replacing Traditional VPNs with Devolutions Gateway

Over the past few years, the explosion of remote workers and staff on the road has shown the need for access to internal resources, but does setting up a VPN cause your IT teams anxiety?

Devolutions Gateway replaces complicated firewalls and VPNs with easy and secure just-in-time (JIT) connections to private network resources. Maintain strict connection visibility and control through detailed session tracking and auditing.

Offer multi-protocol support, fast connections, enhanced auditing, and in-depth logging to save your IT team time and effort, and deploy Devolutions Gateway today!


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