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For businesses who need to share passwords and credentials within their organization.

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  • Ideal for business users and teams
  • Securely share passwords
  • Single sign-on
  • Enforce role-based access controls
  • Generate audits and reports
  • Total visibility on user activities and security policies
  • Integration with Remote Desktop Manager

Vault and manage IT credentials and /or user passwords

In order to reduce the growing risks posed by insider threats and data breaches – and also to meet increasingly stringent audit and compliance requirements – organizations need to control and monitor sensitive information and privileged access. Yet at the same time, organizations need to strike a balance between keeping critical assets secure and enabling users to be productive and efficient.

Devolutions Hub delivers the best of both worlds: robust enterprise-grade password management security, with an intuitive and optimized user experience.

What is Devolutions Hub?

Controlled by IT pros and loved by business users, Devolutions Hub Business is a secure and cloud-based password manager for teams. It empowers your organization to easily and securely vault and manage business-user passwords, along with other sensitive information, through a user-friendly web interface that can be quickly, easily and securely accessed via any browser. Simply put, Devolutions Hub Business is the perfect balance of security and usability.

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Seamless integration with Remote Desktop Manager

Since Devolutions Hub Business is a data source within Remote Desktop Manager, users do not have to launch both solutions. They can get everything they need — remote connections, machine information, credentials, and other sensitive data — from Remote Desktop Manager. However, if they wish to launch Devolutions Hub Business, they can easily do so through a user-friendly web interface that is quickly and securely accessed via any browser.

Offline mode

Connect to a local copy of your data source with the offline mode feature which is connected to RDM.

Import RDM files

Import files from RDM into a Devolutions Hub data source vault.

Launch sessions within RDM

Launch remote sessions directly from Remote Desktop Manager.

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Features and highlights

Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management

Reduce the risk of insider threats and cyberattacks, while supporting audit and compliance requirements for your organization.

  • Checkout request approval

  • Automatic and scheduled password rotation

  • Role-based access control

  • Secure credential injection

  • Administrative reports

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Need a personal password management?

Everyone needs to properly secure their personal data, and easily access it when necessary. Devolutions Hub Personal is for individual users who want to secure personal passwords in a secure vault for FREE. Linked to your Devolutions Account, you can easily create and have access to your own Devolutions Hub Personal.

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Managing shared passwords via Devolutions Hub

Is your IT staff constantly finding passwords under keyboards? Password management is difficult, and the more complicated the environment, the more involved management becomes. In addition, on-premise password management solutions need dedicated support teams. Remove the management burden with the cloud-based Devolutions Password Hub Business.

With a modern web interface, support for role-based access, and Active Directory integration, you can be confident that your passwords are securely stored and accessible to just those who need them. No more passwords in text files on desktops or under keyboards.

Increase your organization's security with the cloud-based Devolutions Password Hub Business and easily manage your team's shared passwords!

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Combining Remote Desktop Manager with Devolutions Hub

As powerful as Remote Desktop Manager (RDM) is, what if your organization needs enhanced reporting, role-based permissions, and web-based access?

It’s no secret that managing credential and connection access has become complicated with so many remote workers. Protect your organization by using the in-depth auditing and reporting of the cloud-based Devolutions Password Hub Business to ensure every connection is authentic. Make access easy with a modern web-based console, yet take connection management to the next level when paired with RDM.

Gain peace of mind with the strong security of Devolutions Password Hub Business paired with the productivity of Remote Desktop Manager. Stop worrying about your password management, and focus on the work!

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Combining Devolutions Gateway with Devolutions Hub

With a traditional VPN, not only is access widely granted to a private network, but the setup is complex and management a headache. The question becomes, how do you secure and manage your connections while empowering those who need access?

The cloud-based Devolutions Password Hub Business password management solution combined with Devolutions Gateway adds secure just-in-time (JIT) connections to private network resources without all the setup and overhead a traditional VPN needs.

Multi-protocol support, enhanced auditing, and in-depth logging let you ditch the VPN altogether!

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